What Is ActivePepper?

ActivePepper is a simple and quick way to explore the local fitness activities and to connect to the people with similar fitness interests. With ActivePepper you can find exercise classes, running groups, pick-up basketball games, tennis and squash partners, and much more! The ActivePepper platform not only helps you find the local fitness activities that best matches your criteria, but also allows you to create your own sports activities and invite others to join you.

    Join ActivePepper

  • Login directly with your Facebook account, or simply register with your email address.
  • Create your ActivePepper profile.

    Create Events

  • Don’t see an event that matches your criteria? Then create your ownon the app!
  • Select the time, location and skill level, and post it to the platform.
  • You have the option to list your event publicly or privately and inviting your friends.
  • You can even call and book private facilities through the ActivePepper app.

    Spread the Word

  • Press the share button to show you plan to attend an event, motivating your friends to join as well. This action will also add your selected activity to your default calender with a reminder.
  • Invite your friends to join you in whatever activities you've calendared.